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ICT Integration Programs, South Africa

Empowering global competencies in education through effective use and integration of information communication technologies and strategies.

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ICT Integration Programs, South Africa


In the haste to use technology to improve results, decision-makers in education in many emerging countries are misguided about the role technology plays and how to appropriately design for its use and integration. It is important that replication of systems of the North is not the first plan of action and that we challenge the attitude that the tool alone will improve education.

  • Full Project Summary

    Our projects in the Eastern and Western Cape provinces of South Africa focused on appropriate use and integration of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) to support learning. We are proud of being able to assess the true needs of the teachers and customising a programme that covered the following: building a rationale: norms & needs, Google Docs, information literacy, how & why to integrate, digital stories: towards integration, multimedia integration: a project-based approach, emerging trends & tools, strategies for successful integration & working with adults, integration strategies into practise, creating & sustaining ICT committees, online spaces & communities of practice, implementation plans into action.

    This past year in the Eastern Cape, we were again sponsored by the Ministry of Education to work with 38 ICT Champions from various schools around the province. There were also 5 eLearning personnel from last year’s workshops who co-facilitated the sessions. Despite infrastructural, economical and political challenges, educators are committed to learning various strategies and tools and access information and others to support learning.

    In the Western Cape, our fourth year, saw our Edunova partner plan and deliver a week of workshops for the schools in the Philippi Township. Our role during the first week was to reinforce facilitation skills and strategies for working with teachers. During the second week the EBB team provided feedback and supplemented some of the sessions. In the third week we worked with Edunova facilitators and ICT Champions in their schools to help further their school ICT goals.

  • Project Outcome

    Overall In-Country Program Goal: Based on identified needs, EBB projects will build capacity within project participants first as teachers and then as facilitators and trainers. At the end of approximately a 4-phase cycle, a sustainable teacher training program will be established whereby in-country participants own and modify peer-training opportunities.

    ICT training goal: Where these workshops are included to add value to teacher/facilitator training workshops above, they are designed to alleviate anxiety for teachers in using computers and help to improve their access to information and colleagues (both local and international). Where the focus is on ICT use and integration, then the added priority will be on the promotion of e-readiness and the implementation of methodologies and educational technologies to support and enhance learning.

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