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Teacher Training Programmes, Kenya

Empowering teachers in disadvantaged regions to facilitate quality education and learning for their students through peer-led teacher training program.

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Teacher Training Programmes, Kenya


We are now entering our final phases of our model in two regions (Laikipia, Gilgil) and piloting in a new district (Kakamega) towards developing a sustainable, peer-led teacher training program.

  • Full Project Summary

    Laikipia East & Central Districts

    This year’s Laikipia project met EBB’s main goals of transferring responsibility in designing and carrying out professional development activities to local trainers and facilitators and connecting local teachers to a growing global network of teachers.

    Facilitators reported feeling very confident and proud of their facilitation work and attending teachers reporting that they were very much looking forward to trying out learner-centered teaching methodologies in their classrooms in September and sharing the new ideas with their school colleagues. The project also exceeded expectations with regards to setting up a strong network of teachers to share best practices and to liaise more efficiently with local Education Offices and international EBB representatives.

    Naivasha District
    2012 saw the completion of our final stage in this district where local trainers and facilitators took full ownership for the delivery of teacher workshops. The hope is that we can also develop the host school into a teacher resource/training centre that can be used by the teachers in the district outside of school time.

    Many new teachers attended the workshops and are now able to use student-centred methodologies as well as get share these strategies with their colleagues in their schools. The training of teacher trainers/facilitators further developed the ability of the local teachers to continue professional development programs without international involvement. A netbook and training has been provided to district coordinators which will help with communication locally and internationally (classroom-to-classroom, teacher-to-teacher) and access to resources and information to continue the peer-led professional development.

  • Information for Educators

    It is important for people to understand that the key to the delivery of quality education is the equitable access of best practices in student-centred methodologies and resources for all teachers.

  • Project Outcome

    Overall In-Country Program Goal: Based on identified needs, EBB projects will build capacity within project participants first as teachers and then as facilitators and trainers. At the end of approximately a 4-phase cycle, a sustainable teacher training program will be established whereby in-country participants own and modify peer-training opportunities.

    Facilitator training goal: These workshops are designed to build capacity and empower teachers to take a leadership role as developers and implementers of professional development modules that will address the educational needs of their peers in their communities. Specific topic, concept or subject reinforcement could take place during this set of sessions. Plan for the development and implementation of a strong communication, learning and support network of teachers.

    Teacher training goal: These workshops are designed to promote active learning and learner-centred educational practices that will lead to authentic learning experiences and result in a higher level of literacy, understanding and achievement.

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    • Lives Affected35,000
    • Total Cost$ 10,000
    • Amount Raised To Date$ 0
    • Percent Complete0 %
    • CountryKenya
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