Stereotypes Prevention Guide

Posted by Hailey on May 14, 2015

All you need to know about stereotypes and how to stop them.

Many people can’t live their life right because of those who take control… so let’s stop that. 

Some of you may know what stereotypes are, some others may not. Stereotypes are when you judge a group of people based on a rumor. For example, some people say that all blondes are dumb, but I know a lot of smart kids that are blonde. Another example is that girls can’t play sports, and when they do, they are weak at it. But guess what? Many Olympic champions are female.  All of these examples are wrong, along with many more. If you hear this stuff being said, try and stop it.  As fast as you can.  Here’s how.

How to Stop Stereotypes
Minor stereotypes- Let’s say you’re at a playground, school or a pool, and you hear a 5 year old boy telling a 4 year old girl that she isn’t allowed on the slide because she is a girl or because she is younger than him. What would you do?
a) Leave it alone. Not your circus, not your monkeys, right?
b) Ask the kid where his parents are, then go and explain the story.
c) Tell the kid it is not okay to say things like that. Make sure that he knows why it’s not okay, then tell the parent. You don’t want that kid starting stereotypes that early!
Answer: If you picked c, then you are right! Just make sure that when you talk to the kid, you say it in a nice tone or the parents definitely won’t be happy.

Medium stereotypes- Let’s say that you are in high school, signing up for classes when a boy approaches you, peering over your shoulder looking at your classes and says “Hey you’re signing up for an extra P.E. class?”
“Yeah so?” You respond.
“You are a girl, you can’t do that”
“Says who?” You ask.
“Our principal” He says as he runs off. What would you do?
a) Go storming into the principal’s office very first thing and tell him how horrible he is.
b) Make a petition against stereotypes and wait for him to respond.
c) Go to your room when you get home and start balling.
Answer: If you guessed b, then you are correct! The best way to stop medium stereotypes is by speaking up. You may be a little worried that nobody will back you up, but don’t be. I am sure that many other people are feeling the same way as you. Who knows, you may even make the press and change the city!

Major stereotypes- Not a lot of you will experience major stereotypes in your life, but if you do you will be prepared. Let’s say that you have a different skin tone than most of your community. One day you are walking to high school and go into a convenience store.  A police car pulls up and accuses you of stealing something. They threaten to take you to the police station if you don’t tell the truth. You’re afraid.
a) Run away.
b) Stay calm and tell the truth. You did nothing wrong. Then later report that the police officers were treating you unfairly.
c) Physically fight back.
Answer: If you guessed b, then you are right! Even police officers make mistakes sometimes. It’s important to stay calm but still make sure that your voice is heard. They might listen better if you wait until they are calm, too.

In India, tea is very popular. A lot of families will own tea farms to make money. Unfortunately, the ones with the hardest jobs on the farm are the women. They have to stand arched over on their backs for hours on end picking the leaves. This ins’t good because the women get horrible arthritis for the rest of their lives. Another problem with this is girls are trained to do this work at a very young age, which means that they wont get an education, which means that they wont have enough money so their children are going to have to work, and so on and so on. This starts a cycle of poverty. Many girls all over the world are denied an education because boys are seen as superior.

One day a boy walked up to a muslim girl. He asked “Are you related to Osama bin Laden?” For those who don’t know, Osama bin Laden was a terrorist. He started the 9/11 attack against New York.  The boy asked this question because since he saw that the girl was muslim and since Osama bin Laden is muslim, he guessed that they were related. How rude! It’s terrible to judge people by something as simple as their skin colour, religion, country of origin, or gender.

We hope you do your part to prevent kids from being stereotyped (by teaching others) and by standing up for those who are targeted.


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