Women Farmers For Food Sovereignty

Posted by Alison on May 16, 2014

In developing countries, it is often women who do most of the farming, and with little reward.

In Bolivia, the efforts of the Moseten indigenous women farmers behind the Better Nutrition, Better Learning project are being rewarded with improved food security in their communities

Due to the lush rainforest geography and climate, many non-indigenous peoples have migrated to the Alto Beni region of Bolivia to work in the logging industry and in banana and citrus fruit plantations. Resources are being over-exploited for export and the rainforest ecosystem is being compromised.

In an effort to protect indigenous lands while responding to the high rates of poverty and malnourishment, Moseten Indigenous Women have employed sustainable agriculture practices to successfully harvest and process food to provide nutritious, locally-grown food for the Government’s school breakfast program.

Through collective organizing, investment in agriculture and support for small-scale farmers and sustainable farming practices, these small farmers are improving food security in their own communities.


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