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Veteran School

Our Past Shaped Our Present and Future

Trickster Theatre logoOur students at Veteran School will work with professional artists from Trickster Theatre for one week to create an original performance based around our theme.

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Our Past Shaped Our Present and Future


Veteran School is an ECS - Grade 9 school, with a projected enrollment of 63 students for the 2017-18 school year. Our school slogan is “Helping Students Reach Their Full Potential, Today, Tomorrow, and Into the Future.”

Our students, teachers, and staff are very excited to work with Trickster Theatre in the 2017-18 school year to put on our show on Our Past Shaped Our Present and Future.

We greatly appreciate your help and look forward to sharing our finished work with you!

  • Full Project Summary

    Veteran School will focus on the history of our area and the factors which have influenced the development of our community.

    ECS: One room school – The original Veteran School was called Wheatbelt. It was 2 ½ miles out of town and students from the village had to walk until a new school was built in town.

    Gr. 1/2: Agriculture – Farming practices have changed a lot through the years. However, there is a student in this class whose father still feeds cows with a team of horses. In Veteran some things don’t change!

    Gr. 3/4: Big Gap Stampede – In the early 1900’s there was a local stampede that attracted thousands of visitors from as far away as parts of the USA. Besides rodeo events, local cowboys would put on elaborate plays complete with dangerous stunts using well trained horses and arrows shot into cow hide shields that the cowboys wore under their clothes.

    Gr. 5/6: Hemaruka - Boom Town to Ghost Town – A railroad employee named the town by using the first two letters of the names of each of his daughters: Hellen, Mary, Ruth and Katie. The town was thriving, until the railway discontinued the line. Now it is home to a small group of cabins used by hunters or holidayers. Many building were moved, including 2 portables which now make up our library and music room. This classroom has students who live in the area, whose families have lived there for as many as 5 generations.

    Gr. 7/8: Oil – Besides agriculture, oil is an important industry in our area. Most students’ parents work in this field or have oil wells on their land. Many family farms’ incomes were supplemented, or still are, by oil field careers. The first oil in this area was discovered in 1957.

    Gr. 9 Immigration – Although our area was settled by people from various parts of Europe, many early settlers were from Norway. We have a road which is still called the Norwegian trail. Exploring various groups origins would fit well with Gr. 9 Social Studies regarding immigration.

  • Project Outcome

    Researching the past of the village of Veteran will give students an appreciation of the history of their community. They will gain insight into historical events that have shaped the land, the people, and the community surrounding them. Looking at the history of immigration will give students a better understanding of the difficulties that current immigrants face. Understanding the history of agriculture and oil extraction will allow students to see the effects of Alberta’s main resource on the economy. It will encourage them to explore these and other resources to see how they will affect the future of the province. Sharing the video essays about their lives and the Veteran area with schools across Canada, will give students a sense of national pride.


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