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Make Kits or Blankets

Many areas around the world are in crisis and need your help!

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Make Kits or Blankets


MCC provides families facing challenges in the face of disaster and war, small comforts in the form of kits and blankets.  The project is not just practical but a kind gesture of love and support too.

  • Full Project Summary

    MCC URGENTLY needs

    2,000 relief kits
    8,000 hygiene kits
    2,000 blankets
    Multiple situations of crisis around the world such as Syria, Iraq, Gaza and Ukraine have depleted our warehouse inventory. Please help replenish our supply to continue responding to needs around the world.
    Looking for a hands-on project?
    The supplies that MCC sends around the world offer comfort to families facing disaster or crisis. They’re also a tangible way you can share God’s love and compassion, reminding people around the world that their needs are not forgotten.
    MCC plans shipments carefully. We try to meet local needs and send high-quality items that can withstand the harsh conditions faced by people receiving the supplies.
    See what you can do to be part of making MCC kits or blankets.

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