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Smith School

Literary Genres - 150 Years of Winter Culture

Trickster Theatre logoOur students at Smith School will work with professional artists from Trickster Theatre for one week to create an original performance based around our theme.

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Literary Genres - 150 Years of Winter Culture


Smith School is located in a rural community 2 ½ hours north of Edmonton in the hamlet of Smith, Alberta. Presently, we have 79 students enrolled from Kindergarten to Grade 12, serving a diverse population.

Our students, teachers, and staff are very excited to work with Trickster Theatre in the 2017-18 school year to put on our show on Literary Genres - 150 Years of Winter Culture.

We greatly appreciate your help and look forward to sharing our finished work with you!

  • Full Project Summary

    We have chosen the theme for this residency to be Literary Genres - 150 Years of Winter Culture to celebrate Canada 150.  As we work with our theme we will focus on what life was like 150 years ago in Smith, Alberta.  Performances could include a drama about winter travel, a documentary about winter farm life, or a poem celebrating community activities in winter.

    Students will engage in research using local history resources, including our people, to discover: how pioneers survived the winter many years ago when they first came to Smith; how they adapted to the harsh climates; and what they may have brought with them to help adapt.  We will focus on the things they needed and used to build homes, how they prepared enough wood to heat their homes, hunting, gardening and what types of employment was available. We will engage the senior citizens of our community by inviting them into the school to speak with classes and individual students. Our students can also prepare interview questions to interview not only our seniors but also our local historian to enhance their learning about the history of our area.

  • Project Outcome

    Trickster’s five day residency at our school will focus on Literary Genres - 150 Years of Winter Culture. Looking at the historic winter culture of our area will allow the students to understand the joy and hardships of previous generations while linking these stories to literary genres. They will develop their research abilities by looking into the lives of important figures over the past 150 years that have notable experience of winter life. They will also develop their storytelling abilities by connecting their research to personal experience.


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