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JHC Peacebuilders


The John Humphrey centre is presenting a workshop series to bring young people together in the interest of community building.  The meetings will be inclusive and are designed to create awareness regarding diversity and human rights.

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    Religion is often perceived as being this “abstract” thing no one dares to talk about too often, although people don’t realize how much impact religious values can have on people’s everyday lives. From the awkwardness felt when meeting someone for the first time and realizing shaking hands with someone from the opposite sex is against that person’s religious values to being judged for not believing in any deity or supreme power at all.

    Peacebuilders is an engaging and transformative leadership program, aimed at building a movement of socially conscious and engaged young people committed to building communities of inclusion, dignity and peace. Through a community agency study tour and dialogue series, young people (under 30) will explore, and gain a greater appreciation for, Edmonton’s diverse cultures, perspectives and ways of being while debating critical issues in the community.

    Peacebuilders will meet, engage with, and learn from members of various social, ethnocultural and faith communities; reflect on key issues related to diversity and human rights; and, explore Canadian history, identity and values. A dialogue to action process will help facilitate new relationships while engaging participants in collective conversation and change-making.
    As Peacebuilders, participants will play a critical role in advancing the voice of Edmonton’s youth on issues related to diversity, inclusion and human rights and will work together to build an Edmonton where the rights and dignity of all are respected and upheld. Participants will develop skills such as:
     Listening skills
     Facilitating and creating a safe space
     Critical thinking
     Allyship, problem-solving and action planning skills (how to be an ally + learn how to make someone feel comfortable when it comes to how his/her religion affects his/her everyday activities)
     Cultural Competency
     Knowledge of rights pertaining to religion (what are religious rights?)

    Community agency visits and dialogues will be held weekly on Thursdays from 6:00-8:00pm starting January 14th - March 31st. Locations will be confirmed and communicated upon acceptance to the program. Participants are responsible for their own transportation.  See website for registration

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