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His Hope For The Future Nursery/Primary School

His hope For The Future Nursery and Primary School is a Christian based project under Church On The Rock Foundation Located in Masese Community, Jinja City, Uganda (East Africa). Though we’re christian based we do not discriminate in color, religion, ethnicity, culture and tribes.

His Hope For The Future Nursery/Primary School


Education for all children for the betterment of the community, Nation and the World at large

  • Full Project Summary

    We want to see that children of the community to be good citizens of the Community, Nation and the World at large, children who are able to support themselves, who can fight for their Human Rights, Environment and culture.

    We train children who are going to be the future leader within Uganda and Worldwide.

  • Information for Educators

    We have a staff of teaching staff of nine (9) and four none teaching staff.

    The teaching and non-teaching staff have work in hard situations due to less payments. They also lack education skills which they can acquire during school holidays if funds are available. We trust them because they have been able to work in hard situations.

  • Project Outcome

    We've been able to Educate around two hundred children. We've been able to pay our staff though it was not enough. We've been able to purchase land equivalent a half acre though we still need more land. We've been able to purchase furniture. We've been able to purchase scholarly materials. We've been able to construct two blocks of temporary structure, two sanitation facilities.


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This Project

  • Project Facts

    • Lives Affected2,000
    • Total Cost$ 100,000
    • CountryUganda
  • 1
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