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Ghost River Rediscovery


Grade 7 students have the opportunity to learn about First Nation, Métis and Inuit cultural and explore nature.

  • Full Project Summary

    From October 2014 to February 2015, Grade 7 students in Karate have the opportunity to explore the rich culture of the FNMI in Canada. Various elders that work with the non-government organization: Ghost River Rediscovery come speak to the students about their culture.

    Students also get the chance to reconnect with nature. They have experienced many aspects, such as footprint tracking and recognizing bird calls.

  • Information for Educators

    Ghost River Rediscovery offers students the opportunity to explore the different aspects of FMNI culture. For our pilot program, an elder and two representatives of Ghost River Rediscovery would come once a week for about 90 minutes. There is no pre-planning involved for the sessions, though post-reflection is highly encouraged.

  • Project Outcome

    Curricular ties to the Grade 7 Social Studies Curriculum Understanding of others Greater enhancement of self-respect

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