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Community Water Wells

This project will provide safe drinking water for a rural community in Nicaragua through community education and the creation of water wells.

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Community Water Wells


This project will involve the drilling of a well in rural Chinandega, Nicaragua, where 40% of communities are living without access to clean, drinkable water sources.

  • Full Project Summary

    This project will drill a well in a rural Chinandega, Nicaragua. This will provide 1000 people with access to clean drinking water.

    In the region of Chinandega, rural communities do not have access to potable water sources. Women have to walk long distances to find mountain streams and rivers. The rate of water-borne diseases amongst children under five years is one of the highest in the country.

    The well will be put into action along with Change for Children’s community water activities, which include: aiding community workshops on public health and sanitation, organsing men and women into Community Water Committees – who are trained in well-maintenance and how to uphold their rights to clean, available water sources.

    The project will also provide eco-stoves and solar stoves, which reduce women’s need for firewood.

    CFCA’s partner organization, Centro Humboldt, will work with Community Water Committees in a national discussion on water laws. This will help to improve basic water organizational structures and services for the people of Nicaragua.

  • Information for Educators

    CFCA works with Edmonton and area schools (K-12) to plan educational activities on water and water related issues, from presentations to hands-on workshops looking at water inequality, consumption, and presenting youth with both local and global solutions.

    Check out our online resources (Tools for Schools) that focus specifically on water.

  • Project Outcome

    The project will provide clean drinking water for a population of 1000 rural Nicaraguans living in the Chinandega region. This will reduce the number of illnesses, most importantly amongst children, that are caused by water-borne illnesses, including diarrhea. Women and girls will also benefit from the project, as they will no longer have to walk long distances to locate water sources, leaving their children alone at home, or missing school to help with chores. Additionally, women will be empowered to participate in the Community Water Committees to both maintain the community well, and contribute to decision-making on a municipal, regional and even national level.

    Through community education, Centro Humboldt will help communities take control over their water resources and influence national policy-making on water laws in Nicaragua.

This Project

  • Project Facts

    • Lives Affected1,000
    • Total Cost$ 10,000
    • Amount Raised To Date$ 0
    • Percent Complete0 %
    • CountryNicaragua
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    Shelaine Sparrow

    Lorraine Swift

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