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A Recipe for Solidarity in Syria

Feeding Syrians and Giving Them Back Their Dignity

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  • Photo: Canadian Catholic Organization for Development

A Recipe for Solidarity in Syria


This project is helping women to cope with the cost of the Syrian civil war by giving them a way to earn a living and help their communities.

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    For Syrians living in besieged neighbourhoods daily life is a struggle. Apart from the destruction of infrastructure, high unemployment, complete lack of services, there are the bombs that fall daily. East Ghouta near Damascus, was once the bread basket of the country, but agricultural activities have all but come to a halt due to the extended conflict which has been ongoing for almost five years. The consequences have been devastating for the community, who have lost their income and access to food, especially in winter when the cost of food skyrockets.

    Development and Peace is supporting the organization Aosus, which is courageously overcoming the obstacles of war and is rallying the community around a project that is fostering hope and mutual aid. The project is employing 270 families, mostly female-headed households, to can vegetables such as beans, peppers and eggplant, to ensure an availability of food during the winter months. The prepared foods are made into baskets which are distributed to 2,000 vulnerable families. The project is far-reaching, providing not only the baskets to the families, but a much-needed income to the women who process the vegetables and a new market for farmers, who are encouraged to maintain their production. It is a recipe for community solidarity that is working.

    Watch the following video to see this inspirational project in action. When you donate to Development and Peace’s relief efforts for Syrians, you are supporting effective projects like this one. Make a donation before December 31st, 2015 and your donation will be matched by the Canadian government!

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