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Posted by Marah on Jun 24, 2013

Education in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, Lots of girls and woman do not know how to read or write, which is called being illiterate.
They do not know how to read and write because when they were supposed to go to school, the Taliban was their government and there was the rule about girls not being able to go to school.
Now because the Taliban are not Afghanistan’s government anymore but they are still a threat, most girls and even woman have gone back to school.
Boys have always been able to go to school, but not until now, have girls been able to too!
Words are everywhere in your everyday life, and just think about it for a second. Not being able to know something until someone actually tells you, and not being able to know the words that are around you.
That’s how it would be if you were illiterate.
If you don’t want this happening to kids just like you, donate money by clicking on Support this Project!


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