Bamboozled! A Week With Mark and Trickster

Millwoods Christian School

Posted by Mr. Marshall on Apr 26, 2013

Our week has been marvelous! At the beginning, some of us were a little hesitant to be part of this production, but now we're stoked to do our best in front of the whole school (production day! Woohoo!) Hopefully we don't stab anyone during the performance today...

We’ve picked up on a lot of new skills this week. Through our training with Mark, we learned 5 new lifts including the T-lift, the pyramid, the mermaid, the counter-balance, and a group lift. Trust, something that all friends should have, was also something we discovered. During our lifts, we had to trust each other to not let go.

We also learned how to move on stage in different ways. We can zombie walk, move together in different shapes, and have improved our balance. Our reaction time was improved through at least two intense games of “SPLAT! every day” We also learned that it’s hard to for 27 students to swing bamboo around in a small space. We also learned that bamboo can really hurt… we had a couple of close calls!

In our piece, we’re showing a day in the life of a Belizian student. We were reminded that their school life has some similarities and differences to our own. Interestingly enough, kids in Belize are learning the same curriculum as us, but the grade system is totally different. They also don’t have the same resources as we do, like textbooks for every student.

Mark, our Trickster, is really creative. He came up with really good exercises before we started that made our experience more fun. Mark’s got a great sense of humour and was always joking around with us. He always had an upbeat attitude and was always smiling. He got excited when we did well and always encouraged us. Mark was surprised to find out how quiet we could be when he was giving instructions, but he definitely earned our respect!

All in all, this was a pretty fun week and we were blessed to have this time with Mark and Trickster! Thanks for all the fun! We’d recommend Trickster TO THE WORLD!

- Class 6A


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