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Posted by Alison on May 16, 2014

There is no road to take us to the Taltimiche weaving co-op, but in the company of beneficiary women, we wind our way down the path to the new weaving centre built this year to replace the building that was destroyed by earthquake in 2012.

The Taltimiche women’s weaving co-op has operated for over 20 years. The new building allows the women to continue to produce artesenias sold both locally and abroad. Workshops that have been provided as part of the project have allowed them to diversify and improve, and many of the women have gone on to share their skills and knowledge with other women in the area to encourage income generation.

Many women who have been members since the beginning credit the co-op for changing the course of their lives and that of their children. The income that is generated buys food during the six months of the year that insufficient food is produced on their tiny plots to feed their families.


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