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    School Based Projects

    • Life Jackets For Kabale School Kids
    • Girls latrine construction for proper hygeine
    • His Hope For The Future Nursery/Primary School
    • Story Writing Through Movement
    • How Being a Canadian Kid has Changed in the Last 150 Years
    • Pathways to Success
    • Cultural Diversity, Respect, and Giving Back
    • Leaders in Our Culture
    • Animal Tracks: The Story of Canada
    • Respect in the Dene Community
    • Identifying Pathways
    • Get Back Up Again
    • Forty Years: Celebrate, Innovate, and Create
    • Discovering Literary Genres Through Story Writing and Movement
    • All Hands Stronger Together
    • Global Learning Through the Arts
    • What It Means to be First Nations Inside Confederation
    • History and Development of Oil, Gas, and Agriculture in Alberta
    • FNMI Legends, History, and Current Issues
    • Inquire, Innovate, Inspire, Imagine
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  • Staff Contact Info

    Adele Arnold
    Al Gschwendtner
    Ali Assenheimer
    Alicia Lunua
    Alvaro Lopez

    p: 9052700845

    Amal Chehayeb
    Amber Krysler
    Amber Shandro
    Amy Badger
    Anne MacQuarrie
    Ashlee Young
    Ashley Maronik
    Audrey Bahrey
    Barb Spiak
    Bernice Moffat
    Beth Edey
    Bill Quinney
    BJ Harris
    Bob Vanderbeek
    Bobbi Kivi
    Bonnie Caldwell
    Brenda McLean
    Brian Christie
    Britney Mitchell
    Bronwyn Henry
    Calvin Anhorn
    Candice Hammer
    Carolyn Reed
    Carolyn Shyba
    Carrie Stoesz
    Cathleen McNeil
    Cathy Defoe
    Celine Orieux
    Charlene Olsen
    Chelsea Sheppard
    Cherra-Lynne Olthof
    Christie Rattee
    Claire Blacklock
    Claude Melenfant
    Cody Anderson
    Coreen Blenkhorne
    Corina MacDonald
    Craig Lerbekmo
    Crystal Jones
    Daina McCowen
    Dan Pye
    Dan Richmond
    Dana Jandhyala
    Darcy Courtland
    Head Teacher
    Darcy Nindi
    Darren Jacobson
    Darrin Richter
    David Maruyama
    David McKillop
    Dawn Cowley
    Deborah Dore
    Dena Boyle
    Diana Hamilton
    Diane Fleming
    Dianne Baker
    Donna Brown
    Dorie Legat
    Doug Yuswak
    Elaine Hubele
    Elizabeth Lietz
    Ellen Wulff
    Erica Pawliuk
    Erin Elder
    Erin Radloff
    Finki Lombard
    Fred Mattersdorfer
    Gail Cummings
    Gail Goldsmith
    Gillian Webber
    Greg Woitas
    Guylaine Girard
    Gwen Hemming
    Harley Jones
    Heather Bourgeois
    Heather Lister
    Heather Mosley
    Heather Prangnell
    Jacob Roberts
    Jacqueline Fortin
    Jacqueline Vandermeer
    Jana Sharon
    Jane Denhartigh
    Jane Kinzer
    Jane Kusal
    Janet Clarke
    Janet Mossfeldt
    Janet Purdy
    Janis Stambene
    Jeanette Phelan
    Jeanine Lewis
    Jen Hull
    Jenn Surkan
    Jenna Hall
    Jennifer Chow
    Jennifer Larmer

Kids Go Global - Explore, Act, Inspire.

Kids Go Global is a place for Elementary, Junior and Senior High schools to explore Global Issues and then work alone or with NGOs to take action locally and internationally. It also supports students acting out the issues using theatre and provides opportunities to share student work and projects. It is a partnership between schools, NGOs and Trickster Theatre.

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