Manning, Alberta, Canada

Rosary School

Rosary School, a member of Holy Family Catholic School District #37, is located in Manning, Alberta. Rosary is a K-9 school with a school registration of 162 students.

Rosary School

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Although we are a small school in a remote northern community, our staff and teachers work extremely hard at offering a wide selection of fine arts opportunities for our students. Here are some examples;

*Our Fine Arts curriculum includes both art and music classes for every grade.
*We offer Drama as an option for junior high CTS classes. The Artist in residency program will enhance this class as it provides the students with an opportunity to take their skills to the next level.
*Local artists are invited to participate in classes and discuss various mediums such as pottery, sculpting and painting.
*We also infuse FNMI art into our curriculum. For example; Soapstone carving with Grade 9’s, Willow dream catchers with Grade 4’s, Beading Wampum belts with Grade 6’s, Hand games tournament with traditional Drumming and hoop dancing.

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    School Based Projects

    • Christmas Traditions Over the Last 150 Years

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