Red Deer Lake

RDL is a strong and vibrant K – 9 Learning Community. Our School’s motto, “Continuing the Tradition of Excellence” speaks to our reputation and tradition of strong academic performance, quality athletics,and diverse visual and performing arts. We strive to consistently meet and exceed provincial, system, and community expectations.

Red Deer Lake

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K-9 Structure
Red Deer Lake School values its K-9 structure. It supports that structure by having shared expectations for all students, while recognizing individual differences, and by cultivating opportunities for whole-school activities, intergenerational interaction, and a shared social responsibility among all community members.

Culture of Excellence
Red Deer Lake School values a Culture of Excellence through a commitment to developing the individual potential and personal integrity of each student and staff member. This Culture of Excellence is continued through a process of modeling, developing a shared language, establishing an environment of mutual respect and clearly-defined expectations of behaviour.

Assessment & Reporting
Red Deer Lake School values assessment that is on-going, constructive, and indicative to teachers and students of the next steps needed to progress learning, while informing stakeholders of student progress. We value student assessment practices that provide students with on-going formative feedback to guide learning, evaluation practices reflective of student achievement to known curricular outcomes, and reporting procedures that clearly and effectively communicate all aspects of student learning.

Student Learning
Red Deer Lake School values engaged and meaningful student learning. To accomplish this vision, the staff provides meaningful, authentic and challenging learning opportunities for all students and encourages students to collaborate and appreciate each others work in respectful ways.

Commitment to working in Professional Learning Communities allow staff at Red Deer Lake to collaborate to help meet all student needs and build their own capacity. To be effective, PLC members need time to develop trust, set goals, implement and share their progress.

Teacher and Professional Conduct
Red Deer Lake School values a respectful, collegial environment for its staff. Staff work together in collaborative, empathetic and supportive ways.

Student Conduct
Red Deer Lake School values citizenship in students and staff. By setting clear expectations of student conduct and modeling Dragon Pride, RDL staff promote leadership and good citizenship among students.

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    • How Being a Canadian Kid has Changed in the Last 150 Years
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