Cadotte Lake, Alberta, Canada

Cadotte Lake School

Cadotte Lake School is situated on a First Nation reserve located approximately 85 kilometers Northeast of Peace River, 5 hours north of Edmonton. The school serves 218 students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Special Education students comprise approximately 25% of the total student population.

Cadotte Lake School

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Our Vision
- To have a safe caring school which the students and community can be proud of
- To have a safe caring school which the students and community can be proud of
- To work with students, parents, chief and council, and community members to ensure there is open communication and that all parties work together in harmony for the well-being of our students
- To develop policies which are approved by Chief and Council which will remain in place and ensure that Cadotte Lake School will continue to grow and improve over the coming years
- To review the student transportation system to ensure that students are safe and comfortable on the busses and the busses are operated in a safe and timely matter

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