Vegreville, Alberta

A.L. Horton School

A.L. Horton is a rural, public, elementary school (K-6), located in Vegreville, Alberta. We currently have a population of around 385 students. A.L. Horton serves a large number of ESL (English as a Second Language) and self-identified First Nations students.

A.L. Horton School

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We have hired a part-time FNMI Family and Support Liaison Worker to develop a relationship with these families. We offer dual-language instruction with an English program and Ukrainian Bilingual program from ECS to grade 6. We also offer a LINKS Program which delivers programming to students with special needs. Our PALS program offers support to students younger than kindergarten age experiencing mild to severe delays. A.L. Horton strives to provide a safe and caring environment for its students and staff. We are lucky to have strong parental and community involvement to support all of our programs.

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