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Edmonton, AB

One Child’s Village

One Child's Village supplies food, water, clothing, education, medicine, security and emotional support to HIV/AIDS orphans of all ages. We believe that supporting children is the greatest service possible in the world today.

One Child’s Village

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In 2005, One Child's Village was started in Alberta by Todd Lorentz and Cristelle Audet, and began its first project in Kenya (Eastern Africa). Within just a few years we have helped hundreds of orphaned children with support from schools and classrooms throughout Alberta.

The young people of Alberta have been some of the most effective supporters in helping the young children of Kenya to receive great benefits and growth.


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    • Provide Medical Support for HIV/AIDS Orphans
    • Sponsor a Teacher’s Wage for a Year
    • Text Books for Orphans
    • School Uniforms for Orphans
    • School Supplies
    • Food For Thought Program
    • The LifeStraws Program
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    co-managing director
    Todd Lorentz

    co-managing director
    Cristelle Audet

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