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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Light Up The World

Many people around the world do not have electricity in their homes or communities. Light Up The World helps people set up solar panels and batteries to collect energy for lights, cooking, cell phones, and other technology.

  • Photo: People working together to raise a solar panel in Ecuador
  • Photo: Learning how to take care of a solar energy system in Guatemala
  • Photo: Father and son with solar panels and lambs in Peru
  • Photo: Remote house in Peru with a solar panel
  • Photo: Installing a solar panel in Costa Rica

Light Up The World

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Light Up The World (LUTW) works around the globe in places where people do not have electricity. LUTW helps people set up solar panels and batteries to collect energy from the sun. This energy is used for lights, cooking, radios, cell phones and other technology. Solar power is good for the environment, it is affordable, and it is safe for people to use.


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