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Educator Help

  • How to change your password and update your profile and photo.

    Login to your account and go to Account Settings

    Choose Profile or Change Password

  • How teachers can use the Blog.

    1. Login in to your account . Choose either "Account Settings" or "Blog".

    2a. Choose Blog under My Account in the control panel.
    2b. Choose Create a Blog Category to add a new blog category. This must be done before you are able to write a blog post.

    3. Enter the Category Name and a short description if you'd like. You can link this to your residency theme, project, or anything else. Click submit.


    4a. Choose Blog under My Account in the control panel.

    4b. Choose New Article to write a new post or "My Articles" to edit or approve other posts.

    5. For a New Article - enter the info in the fields and then click Submit. It may take a while to upload depending on the size of the photo.
    The photo needs to be at least 480 pixels wide. It will automatically size to fit the blog post.
    Make sure it is OK to use the photo. Photos from Google images are generally OK as Kids Go Global is not a commercial site.

    6. Check what the Article looks like. You can only do this if you have checked "Open" in the status box. That means it is posted to the web.

    7. To edit an article, go to my articles and choose the article. Make changes and them click "submit". 

    Go and make a Blog Post! Tell us what you are doing in your class.
  • How your class account works - student contributions to the site.

    Each teacher has a corresponding class account. These are managed by the school site admin. This is a person at your school. If you don't know the login or password for your class - ask the school site admin.

    Your class account can be used so that your class can submit blog articles and student work.

    NOTE : None of this can go live to the web - until your approve it. (give it OPEN status). So you have full control. Yahoo!

    To let students post things directly or not?

    You may choose to use this class account or not. If you are teaching grades K-3 you may choose to create blog articles together as a class - in which case you can post them on your own teacher account. The same is true for student work.

    For older classes, you may want to let students create blog articles and student work using the class account. These submissions will gather automatically in your teacher account and will not go live to the web until you approve them.

    Giving out the Password and Login ID

    In this case you would give the students the login info and password. All students in your class would use the same info. If you need to change the password for your class, you can ask the school site admin to do that for you.  

    The login ID is in the form of an email address - but don't worry it is impossible to use it for email purposes.

    Note: Once a student has submitted the work or blog article - they cannot edit it. You can - but they can't.

    Blog Articles written by students use the same input page - with one exception - the status box is missing - they can't post directly to the web.

    Student Blog Articles can be found in your Educator Account- waiting for approval.

  • How to approve student blog posts.

    Under the My Account menu, click on Blog. Then click on the blog text in the preview to open the editor. 

    Change Review Status to Live after checking content, ensuring photo copyright is correct, and proper fields are selected.

    Click on SUBMIT to save your changes. With Review Status set to "Live" the blog will now be visible to everyone using the Kids Go Global website.

  • How to support NGO Projects with your own project page

    1. Explore


    2. Log in and create a new project (teachers and administrators).


    3. Fill in the fields to match the NGO project where appropriate. Customize it to fit with your Students' goals and inspirations. 


    4. If you are fundraising, go to and "Create a Fundraiser".

    5. The link for the giving page you create will be used in the New Project setting.

    6. Start blogging and creating student work about your project to share your stories and inspire others.

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