Day 4

Posted by Grade on Nov 22, 2012

Straight from the grade 3s' mouths...

- Awesome
- Back-talking is great!
- When Keegan and Kadie did the hug ‘love thing’ at the end.
- Funny when we sat down on each other.
- When we were shoveling to Peru.
- I had lots of fun!
- To help kids in Peru, to get better foods and stuff.
- I like when the people pulled the dried plants to water them.
- I liked the shovels and the group sit.
- I love when I got to yell, “Let’s have a dance party!”
- I liked when Bethlyn cried about the dried flowers and Samara hugs her.
- I loved being a sprinkler and watering the class.
- When the plants were growing and doing the washing dance.
- I liked when we went around Hanna and danced.
- It is great to watch the students become more aware of global issues in such an involved and fun process.


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