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Panorama Hills School

Our Relationship with The Canadian Landscape - Residency

During this 5-day residency, the students at Panorama Hills School will work with professional artists from Trickster Theatre to create an original performance for their family, friends, and community members.

Our Relationship with The Canadian Landscape - Residency


Panorama Hills School, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation, our school plans to work with Trickster Theatre Company to explore the dynamic relationship between ourselves and the Canadian landscape, deepening our understanding of how the geography of various regions have both shaped our society and impacted our personal lives.

We will divide our work by region, studying Atlantic Canada, the Arctic, the Canadian Shield, the Prairies, the Rocky Mountains and the rainforests of the west coast.

  • Project Outcome

    As students explore their personal and communal interaction with the land around them, they will deepen their understanding of what it means to be a Canadian, both as individuals and as a society. Through this investigation, they will address many areas of the Alberta Program of Studies, including outcomes from Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Drama. This project will be an opportunity to bring our students, staff and community together, and combine our diverse voices into a rich conversation about who we are as Canadians and how each of us contributes to our society. As we work together to create and perform this show, volunteers and students, community members and staff will share their own unique perspectives and hear the thoughts of others who may see things in a different light. As a result, we will develop a greater appreciation for the diversity within our community and strengthen the relationships between our fellow citizens and the landscape in which we live.


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  • What is Trickster Theatre

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