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St. Joseph School

Animal Voices - Mittens & Bracelets for Calgary Zoo

Our project group is raising funds for the Calgary Zoo by selling bracelets; but not just any bracelets - Animal Bracelets!

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Animal Voices - Mittens & Bracelets for Calgary Zoo


In our grade 6 class we are trying to help the animals at the Calgary Zoo they were affected greatly by the flood that we recently had in June. They lost some of their animals and we would like to help them get new animals and help heal the animals that were damaged in the flood.

  • Full Project Summary

    The product has been picked!  We are officially selling animal bracelets. You will get a bracelet with a picture of an animal on a shrinkydink or a “Charm”.  The price of these bracelets will be 3 dollars if you would like to add on an extra charm it will cost a dollar extra for each charm added.  We hope our bracelets will benefit the animals at the zoo and the facility itself.

  • Project Outcome

    We will affect our city's zoo. All of our proceeds will go towards the Calgary zoo

This Project

  • Project Facts

    • Lives Affected
    • Total Cost$ 250
    • Amount Raised To Date$ 241
    • Percent Complete96 %
    • CountryCanada
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