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Light up the World-Costa Rica

Light Up the World travels to many remote villages in Costa Rica making a big impact.

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Light up the World-Costa Rica


Costa Rica is rich in bio-diversity and natural beauty. Many Costa Ricans living in remote areas such as the Talamanca Canton lack basic services such as electricity. Instead they buy candles to study, cook and socialize in their homes in the evening. Not only is the open flame a hazard to children, many families that earn $100 a month spend $20-$30 on lighting alone. LUTW and partners have been helping families transition to sustainable energy in Costa Rica since 2004.

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    The solar panel installations power lights and charge cell phones.  Local technicians are trained in every community allowing projects and the villages they serve to become sustainable.

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    Community Profile: Talamanca is a territory of great ecological diversity and home to the Cabecar and Bribri indigenous groups. Talamanca was isolated and inaccessible until the late 1970s. Many in Talamanca produce cacao, banana, plantain, beans and rice. An increasing number of producers are raising animals for consumption and sales such as pigs, hens and cattle.

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