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Light Up Guatemala

Help Light Up The World bring solar power to villages in Guatemala!

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  • Photo: LUTW-Todos Santos
  • Photo: LUTW-Todos Santos
  • Photo: LUTW-Todos Santos
  • Photo: LUTW-Todos Santos
  • Photo: LUTW-Todos Santos

Light Up Guatemala


Light Up The World (LUTW) has been working in Guatemala since 2006. We are fundraising to bring solar power to more villages in Guatemala that do not have electricity. LUTW works with a non-profit organization in Guatemala to help people set up solar panels and batteries to collect energy from the sun. This energy is converted into electricity and can be used to power light bulbs and charge cell phones.

  • Full Project Summary

    Many villages without power use lamps with kerosene fuel to light their homes. Families have to buy kerosene regularly to fuel these lamps which can be expensive. These lamps also have a flame and make smoke while burning, which is unhealthy and dangerous in houses. Solar power is a safer, healthier and less expensive form of power. The solar powered lights are also much brighter than the light given off by flames. Children can study in the evening,

  • Information for Educators

    Information about the community: The municipality of Todos Santos Cuchumatan is rich in tradition and culture. The primary language spoken in the area is Mam, a Mayan language, with Spanish as a second language. Most families in the communities own their own land where they grow corn, potatoes, beans and cabbage for their own food; some grow broccoli for export. Earlier projects brought potable water to the villages, although few farms have irrigation. Almost all households have chickens and many raise sheep and pigs for their own consumption. On market day, families hike as many as four or five hours to the municipal center across rugged terrain that varies from 1,300-3,500 meters in elevation.

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    • Lives Affected
    • Total Cost$ 5,000
    • Amount Raised To Date$ 0
    • Percent Complete0 %
    • CountryGuatemala
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