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Cambrian Heights School

How Does Water Shape Canada’s Identity: Then and Now?

Trickster Theatre logoOur students at Cambrian Heights School will work with professional artists from Trickster Theatre for one week to create an original performance based around our theme.

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How Does Water Shape Canada’s Identity: Then and Now?


Cambrian Heights School is a K-6 school of 145 students located in north central Calgary. Cambrian Heights is a vibrant, engaging learning environment with a committed focus on literacy and numeracy for all students.

Our students, teachers, and staff are very excited to work with Trickster Theatre in the 2017-18 school year to put on our show on How Does Water Shape Canada’s Identity? Then and Now.

We greatly appreciate your help and look forward to sharing our finished work with you!

  • Full Project Summary

    Cambrian Heights students will have the opportunity to question and explore the How Does Water Shape Canada’s Identity: Then and Now?. Questions children will ask include: what water means to them in their daily lives and community; how water has shaped the development of Canada; what are the rights and responsibilities we have as Canadians in the conservation and protection of Canada’s water; and how do Canadian use water.

    Using these questions, students will create performance segments that look at the history of city development around bodies of water, the use of waterways to travel across Canada, the current processes of making water potable, and the current and future threats to water environments in Canada.

  • Project Outcome

    This experience will engage, enrich and strengthen our students’ understanding of our school’s overarching question for 2017-2018: How Does Water Shape Canada’s Identity: Then and Now? Our students will explore the K-6 curriculum in new and meaningful ways through their collaboration with Trickster’s professional artists. The artists will guide our students through the process of storyboarding, and using visual and physical imagery to represent their understanding in an original entire student generated and created performance for our parents and community. Access to Trickster Theatre’s lighting, sound, and stage equipment will transform this performance into a memorable theatre experience.


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