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St. Matthew School

Drink for Drink

Our class is holding a water fundraiser where people receive pledges for each glass of water they drink. All proceeds will help support CAWST.

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Drink for Drink


Anyone interested in participating in the fundraiser will take home a chart and look for pledges for each glass of water they drink. Then, each student will drink as many glasses of water as they can during the day, and keep track of their progress using the water chart. At the end, each student will collect their pledge amounts for the water they drank, and the money will be donated to CAWST.

  • Full Project Summary

    If every student in the school participated and received a pledge of 5 cents for each glass of water we could raise as much as $7200. In order for us to do this, each student participating would need to drink less than ten glasses of water per day.

  • Project Outcome

    We hope to raise at least $1000 for CAWST.

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  • Project Facts

    • Lives Affected
    • Total Cost$ 500
    • CountryCanada
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    Teacher Mentor of Technology
    Craig Johnson

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