Smith, Alberta, Canada

Smith School

Smith School is located in a rural community 2 ½ hours north of Edmonton in the hamlet of Smith, Alberta. Presently, we have 79 students enrolled from Kindergarten to Grade 12, serving a diverse population.

Smith School

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Our school division, and our school, have placed a significant emphasis on improving our literacy rates. Historically, our students have performed below the expected grade level and that is a concern to us. As a division, we have been working diligently to make improvements and the hard work is paying off. We are seeing a dramatic increase in our literacy rates. While we still have some ground to make up, it is very encouraging to see students excited about literacy and excited about learning. We have been working with students to set goals individually, in small groups, as a class, and as a school. We feel that providing our students with the opportunity to work with Trickster Theatre in a very fun and highly engaging way to promote literacy and reinforce the skills being taught can only make this enjoyment of literacy grow.

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    • Literary Genres - 150 Years of Winter Culture
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Kids Go Global is a place for Elementary, Junior and Senior High schools to explore Global Issues and then work alone or with NGOs to take action locally and internationally. It also supports students acting out the issues using theatre and provides opportunities to share student work and projects. It is a partnership between schools, NGOs and Trickster Theatre.

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