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    Kids Go Global Reaches out to Haiti. 

    On October 5, 2016  a devastating hurricane rocked the small nation of Haiti.


    For the second time in 6 years, Haiti finds itself recovering from one of nature's worst disasters. Although the intial shock has passed there is still very much that needs to be done. In a country where resources were scarce before this tragedy, it is even more important to reach out now. In the spirit of the coming holiday season, now is a perfect time to give!


    If you would like to make a donation to the Canadian Red Cross, you can do so here.

    Trickster Theatre - Celebrating Canada's 150th in Alberta 

    Leading up to next Canada Day on July 1st, 2017, Trickster Theater will be holding week-long residencies in over 30 Alberta schools and communities throughout the course of the year. These residencies are aimed at exploring what Canada means to the schools and communities involved.

    Click here for more details on the Canada 150 project.


    Trickster artists work with students in each school throughout the course of the week to create, develop, and perform full theatre productions that are open for the community to see. This has been a very succesful method of engaging students, and indeed their families, in active learning as well giving the students a platform to have a voice through the art of theatre.


    Trickster aims to bring about a broader understanding of theatre, while helping communities explore this great country and all it has to offer!


    » Click here to find out more about Trickster.

    Doctors Without Borders - Kids Go Global's Newest NGO Partner

    TestIt is with great excitement that we welcome Doctors Without Borders or MSF as a partner NGO with Kids Go Global.  MSF is a medical relief organization that has been operating for more than 40 years in over 70 countries, providing relief to those needing medical aid from catastrophies such as natural disasters, armed conflicts and epidemics of disease and famine. The medical aid is given in high risk conditions often putting doctors at risk themselves.


    With this partnership MSF brings valuable resources to our website for students and teachers.  Find the link to their NGO page here and learn about the amazing work they do world wide to help those most in need of emergency medical care.



    Canada in Paris for Climate Conference

    In Paris, France from Nov. 30-Dec. 11,  leaders and representatives from more than 190 countries are gathering to discuss climate change at COP21.


    The United Nations conference is called COP21 because it is the 21st conference of the Parties (or all the countries wanting to take action on climate change).  The delegates are trying to come up with ways to keep global warming under 2 degrees celsius to avoid more extreme climate events in the future.  Countries in the developing world are particularly at risk of rising sea levels and extreme weather.


    Commitments from countries will come at a cost as they work to reduce their carbon emissions or perhaps face penalties, if they don't stay on goals agreed upon in Paris.


    Stay tuned to see what Canada will pledge to do at COP21.  Let's hope we keep our promise this time!

    McKenzie Towne School Fights Back Against Pollution

    Grade 4 students from McKenzie Towne School have been hard at work studying the many causes and effects of pollution on our planet. Through their explorations these students have created some amazing video presentations that range in topic from air and land pollution to conserving natural resources. Kids Go Global could not be more impressed with the work coming out of McKenzie Towne School and we are excited to see what they will be working on next. You can check out the students videos by clicking the links below.


    Air Pollution | Air Pollution 2 | Land Pollution | We Are Part of Nature | Water Pollution | Preventing Water Pollution | Conserving Natural Resources | Agriculture | Forestry | Methane Gas | Natural Gas | Oil | Coal | Ranching | Solar Power | Wind Energy


    If you want to see more student work you can check out the Kids Go Global Student Work Showcase Here!

    Fundraising Campaigns Underway

    Students are passionate about making change in the world. During the past month, many of our partner schools have taken on projects to help their local communities, raising funds to provide affordable housing, gathering supplies and toys for children at local homeless shelters, and organizing a tournament to raise funds to make sports programs affordable for all families. We're inspired by the vision and dedication of these students and are happy to profile their important work on Kids Go Global. Check out these fantastic projects below:

    One Goal. A Thousand Assists. North Haven's Hockey Tournament for Canadian Tire Jumpstart 

    Backpack-o-Rama from Inn From the Cold - Valley Creek School

    Goodwill Market - Maker Market at Capitol Hill School

    McKenzie Towne School's Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser

    Valley Creek School explored the theme of "Why Care?"

    From March 9th to 13th, Trickster Theatre helped the students of Valley Creek explore global issues in a show titled "Why Care?". This residency has served as a great starting point for the projects Valley Creek wants to undertake during the rest of the school year.

    Check out Valley Creek's Profile Page Here!

    Check out Reconciliation Here!

    Check out Water You Thinking Here!

    Check out Paper Thin Here!

    Check out Closing The Gender Gap Here!

    Check out Heavy Baggage Here!

Canada 150

We are excited to introduce Canada 150 to the world.

Video Spotlight

School Projects

  • Basic Needs International

    We’re raising money for Human Rights by selling buttons and magnets. By us creating awareness we are making a difference of those without basic needs like: Education, Water, Food, etc. Help us s...

    Tina Johns

  • Peerless Lake Trickster Residency

    We will choose a global issue and then explore our ideas surrounding it, through theatre.

    Peerless Lake School

  • Altario School Trickster Theatre Residency

    We “Wish to make the world a better place” and will be crating performances during this residency that focus on doing that very thing.

    Altario School

  • We Act

    Connaught is participating in this year long project to take action. Before the holidays, we completed our We Act Against Hunger campaign and collected 439 pounds of food for the Calgary Interfaith Fo...

    Connaught School

  • Doggy Doughnuts

    Soon. It’s coming. Every monday at lunch, we will be selling our doughnuts. 2$ for 4 doughnuts. We are looking up places where we might be able to sell them for more donations for our NGO. Help ...

    St. Matthew School

NGO Projects

  • International Pediatric Cardiac Center

    The IPCC will be equipped to perform pediatric heart surgeries and allow children in developing countries have access to the life-saving surgery.

    Save A Child's Heart

  • Nyumbani Kwetu Home for Children

    Today Nyumbani Kwetu provides education and housing for a family of children, all related through one grandmother. They live in a comfortable rented house. All living expenses, medical care, child car...


  • Save a Child’s Life

    It costs $10,000 to save the life of a critically ill child under the SACH banner.

    Save A Child's Heart

  • Grizzly Bear Awareness Campaign

    Grizzly bears need large areas of wild habitat to live and be happy. In Alberta, we are losing our grizzly bears because people build roads, cut down trees, and drive vehicles through their homes in t...

    Alberta Wilderness Association

  • Rights in Play

    John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights

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